Diocesan Bishop DDR, Klaus Küng

Studied medicine, philosophy and theology. For many years a member of the Catholic work Opus Dei. He was ordained a priest in 1972 and was ordained a bishop in 1989. Currently diocesan bishop of St. Pölten and family bishop of Austria. Bishop of the Bethabara Community, in charge since 1.6.2016.

Pater Johannes-Elias Schneider csj

Born and raised in Bavaria. Joined the Brothers of St. John in France. There study of theology. 2014 priestly ordination. Since 2016 Prior in Marchegg. Often found on World Youth Days in the middle of youngsters.

Fra Elia

Born in 1962 in Puglia, Italy. Joined a Capuchin monastery as a young man. There received the stigmata of Christ. Founded with the blessing of his bishop the "Apostles of God", a small religious community. Especially in Holy Week suffering with Christ.

Rene Schubert

From Southeast Styria. First God experience with his grandmother. As a teenager to Vienna. There, entered the drug scene. In Germany he found the Lord in the Free Church. Married to Ilana. 2012 back in Vienna. Reconstruction of ICF Vienna. Lead pastor of the Church and international coach.

Hannah Hemel

Born in Germany. Grown up in an evangelical catholic household. Studied theology in Trumau. Conducts a prayer circle for refugees in Traiskirchen. Has a big heart for the universal Church and its unity.

Pater Jean-David Lindner csj 

Career as a technician, then study of philosophy and theology. Lecturer for Liberation, Distinction of the Spirits, Inner Healing and Charisms. Co-founder and leader of the Bethabara community.

That, what moved me most at the IBC, was the amazing joy with  and in christ, that was given with no limitations to everyone and was there to experience on a new level, that HE will use me for HIS kingdom.
(Lukas, 26, student of medicin)