Diocesan Bishop DDr. Klaus Küng

Studied Medicine, as well as Philosophy and Theology. Long time Member of Opus Dei, an institution of the Roman Catholic Church.

1970 ordination to the priesthood, 1989 episcopal consecration. Currently Diocesan Bishop of district St. Pölten (AUT) and Austrian Family Bishop. Responsible Bishop for the "Bethabara-Gemeinschaft".

Youth Bishop Dl Mag. Stephan Turnovszky

Studied Chemical engineering
and Theology.

Auxiliary bishop in Vienna since 2008.

His life motto "My soul thirsts for You" (Ps 63,1)

His preaching aims to provide a relevance from scripture to everyday life, to convey deep spiritual truths with authenticity and warmth.

Marco Blumenreich

Practically blind since his birth. Studied psychology and and completed an  apprenticeship as psychotherapist in Germany.

He is now freelancing.

His life radiates an attitute of thankfullness and joy.

He has discovered a different way of seeing and regards  his blindness as his greatest asset.

Father Luc Emmerich csj

Born in Germany, grew up in France. Missionary activities and leading functions in Africa and Europe.

Currently heading Europe North for the St. John Congregation and a member of their general council. Coveted preacher & guest speaker.


Father Marie Angel CARRE csj

French monk and gifted youth pastor, author of several books, cofounder of various apostolic institutions i.a. of Bethabara France.

Juliana Bosma

Born in Namibia. Migrated from Cape Town to Austria in 1993.

Founder  of the prayer service "Key of David".

Juliana is passionate about seeing people set free and fulfilling their calling in His kingdom.

Father Jean-David Lindner csj

Engineering career, following study of Philosophy and Theoglogy.

Lectures on deliverance, dicerning of spirits, inner healing and charismatic gifts.

Cofounder and leader oft the Bethabara Gemeinschaft.

I totally look forward to new motivating Inputs that will bring a fresh wind to my faith . I really need it ! (Esther, 35, Montessori-Teacher)