You can also register for the IBC as a group. A group has to have a minimum of 10 Members of which one is the Responsable Registrar.

Advantages of Group Registration:

  • Members of a group receive a 50 % Discount on the ticket !
  • Easy Registration Procedure
  • Possible Late Track Registration ( deadline 12.6.2017 )
  • Direct Contact to the IBC Office

How to get a group together?

  1. Register as a Group Registrar.
  2. We will then get in contact with you.
  3. Get 9 people on board. Friends, Comunities, Parish, Schools etc.

Any more Questions ? Get in contact with us !

Registration for Group Registrars

You will receive a Registration Confirmation via SMS after we received your initial deposit of € 250

Account holder: Bethabara Gemeinschaft, IBAN No : AT89 3237 4003 0002 1006 BIC : RLNWATWWKIG

Pay-Reference "IBC-Group Registration " (add your full name)

The Registration will be valid when you send your form and on receipt of your deposit .

For teenagers under the age of 18 we require a written declaration of consent from the parents.