BETHABARA            Community


is a catholic charismatic community with the slogan "youth for youth" and organizes various activities in the german- speaking region:

  • Prayer groups
  • Faithbuilding-Weekends
  • Pilgrimages/ Travels as a community
  • Equipping days
  • Mission Trips
  • Confirmation classes

The name...

Bethabara is hebrew and stands for house / place of transition / creation.

It is the place at the jordan river, where Jesus was baptized by John the baptist, where the Holy Spirit appeared visibly in the form of a dove, the voice of God father speaking healing and confirming words "You are my beloved son". (see Luke 3, 21-22 ff)

The community...

Bethabara was founded in Austria January 2014 and has been officially recognized by the catholic church in June 2016.

The Community wants to live out of the grace of the place Bethabara:

"You are My beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased." (Luke 3:23)

To live out of this revelation and make others experience it too.

I love that we are able to pass on the blessings that God has given to us.  (Josef, 19)